One of Boston’s Top Roofing Companies was Built by this Woman

Greta Bajrami, One of Boston’s Top Roofing Companies CEO and Rootless Entrepreneur

As one of Massachusetts’ top roofers, Golden Group Roofing prides itself on its differentiation from other companies in the industry. Greta explains, “Before we do anything else, we sit with our prospects and educate them about our process and the products we will use. We want them to be more knowledgeable consumers so they can make the best, informed decision for their needs.” 

HOW THIS WOMAN BUILT ONE OF BOSTON’S TOP ROOFING COMPANIESShe added, “We are sensitive to what is going on in our customers’ lives. They may need a roof, but it is not an inexpensive project, so we recognize that they have other issues and needs as well.” Golden Group Roofing doesn’t have “Buy Now” specials. There is no pressure to make a quick decision. The company does not require deposits, a practice unheard of in the industry, but one which Greta says builds trust between them and their customers.  “When the job is done, we get paid in full,” she said. 

Long before Covid-19 gave rise to “no-contact” customer service, Greta used cutting-edge satellite imaging technology to obtain photographs and accurate measurements of roofs. Without stepping foot on a roof, she provides a detailed estimate that is precise to the penny for her prospects.  When social distancing became the norm, Golden Group Roofing continued to do business without a moment’s pause.

Boston Female Excels in Male-Dominated Industry

With only one word of English (pizza) and a passion to achieve the American dream, Greta Bajrami worked to excel at school and to open doors that were previously closed to her gender.

Greta Bajrami immigrated from Tirana, Albania and settled in Worcester MA with her Mom and Dad when she was just nine years old. Her mother had been a Chief ER surgeon in Albania, and she retrained to meet rigorous US medical standards. Greta’s upbringing taught her to work hard and inspired her with the determination to succeed wherever her dreams led. 

A Surprising Opportunity

She didn’t plan on working in construction, but after earning a degree in Business Administration at Worcester State University, she found it difficult to find a job. She saw an ad for a foreman at a roofing company and decided to apply even though she didn’t know anything about roofing. In fact, she had no idea what a foreman is or does! The owner was shocked and amused that a young woman would apply for this job, but he saw some potential and hired her on the spot. In the beginning, the crew made fun of her, which made her more determined to learn everything she could about the industry. Greta says, “Once the crew recognized that I had a talent for engaging the customers and quelling their anxieties about their roofing project, the crew stopped their teasing.”  

Nationally Recognized

One of Boston’s Top Roofers, Golden Group Roofing is nationally recognized and is and award-winning company, providing roofing services to both residential and commercial customers in Central Massachusetts and the communities surrounding the Boston area. 

The Golden Group team is known for award-winning customer service and its

unparalleled craftsmanship warranty. The company is certified by the most respected manufacturers in the industry as a GAF Master Elite Contractor and a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master Contractor.

Golden Group Roofing has received many awards for service and craftsmanship, including the Bizz Award of 2020; Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 Award in 2019; the GAF National Award of Triple Excellence in 2016; Better Business Bureau Marketing Excellence Award in 2015; and Angie’s List 2016 and 2015 Super Service Awards. 

In 2017, Greta Bajrami was the recipient of a prestigious Worcester Business Journal, Class of 2017 40 Under 40 Award. She volunteers on Worcester State University’s Foundation board and the MA Council for National Women in Roofing. She is Treasurer of the North East Roofing Contractors Association (NERCA). 

Greta’s Mom was her role model. “She taught me to take advantage of opportunities when they are offered … not to wait for things to be perfect,” Greta remembers.  Her husband Fred Campoverde is her business partner and the company’s Chief Operating Officer. His vision and marketing expertise has been an inspiration to her since they married and attended school together while raising a child. They now have two children, Chiara and Enzo. 

What You Need to Succeed

Boston Top Roofers help Habitat for Humanity

Golden Group Roofing Gives Back and Donates to Habitat for Humanity, building Roofs for new homes for those in need.

Greta believes that you don’t succeed on passion alone. “I think it is more important to gain the knowledge and skill you need.  As I learned more and more about the roofing industry, I got increasingly more passionate about it,” she said. She knew that with her degree and business acumen, she had much to contribute to this industry that is male dominated and resistant to change.  She founded Golden Group Roofing in 2012 with a mission to bring technology and excellent customer service to her Massachusetts roofing customers. 

Her first 15 roofing contracts were slow in coming, but by the end of 2015, Golden Group Roofing had completed 150 asphalt shingle roof projects. Manufacturers began to take notice and consulted with Greta on her ideas about strengthening the industry and giving customers a more satisfactory experience. In the last five years, Golden Group has grown from 4 employees to a crew of more than 35 full-time and seasonal employees.

Future Plans

“Roofing is more than just shingles,” Greta says. Golden Group will continue to expand to include servicing everything that is considered part of the roofing system: skylight window installations, rubber low slope roofing, trim work, chimney re-leading, ventilation. Greta says. “We are continually growing. We’ve been able to do in 10 years what some companies don’t do in 50 years.” The company has achieved a compound annual growth rate of almost 93% and now has offices in Worcester and Westborough MA. In September, Golden Group will launch a siding division featuring both vinyl and fiber cement siding by James Hardy. 

Educating the Homeowner

Golden Group Roofing’s website blog, Homeowner Tips and News, helps to educate readers so they can get the best out of their investment. The blog includes topics such as, the cost, financing, and maintenance of a new roof … as well as podcasts with informative discussions. Greta maintains, “Selecting a roof and a roofer is as important as choosing a paint color. We want our customers to be informed.”

Mentoring those who are coming into the roofing business is a passion of Greta’s. “We train our roofers four times a year. We dedicate time to certify our crew to be craftsmen and women. We are ‘the hands’ that put down the product. We invest in our staff. Our craftsmanship is what sets us apart from others in the business,” she said. 

Long Term Goals

Greta Bajrami has taken a leadership role in mentoring. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences for entrepreneurs. Her philosophy is that you need to be “rootless” when considering business ownership, no matter what field you are in. She says, “You need to pick up your roots – detach them – and put them down where your dreams lie.”

In October, Greta Bajrami Campoverde will launch Rootless Entrepreneur, an online platform designed to coach would-be entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and be successful in their chosen fields. Individuals can download free startup guides for specific industries. She is collaborating with successful leaders in 30 industries who will coach, motivate, and provide blueprints to help new entrepreneurs avoid the most common mistakes. In the next phase of her Rootless Entrepreneur launch, Greta will add seminars and conferences.

Greta Bajrami Campoverde is testament to what one can achieve with hard work, integrity, and an “always learning” belief which she is passing on to the next generation of rootless entrepreneurs.